Priorities For Fisheries and Coastal Communities

  • Registration of national boats with developing ownership book. Construct fishery jetties at the strategic fishery locations.
  • Establish fishery cold chain facilities at the coastal line, including; (cold storages, ice makers, refrigerator trucks, backup generators and solar panels).
  • Expand existing fishing jetties and boat refurbished workshop at Berbera.
  • Capacity building of department staff, local fishermen, cooperatives and provide fishing gears.
  • Support improvement of fish quality control (fish inspectors, supervisors and fishery certification system).
  • Provide sufficient trainings for refrigeration technicians and electro-mechanic units.
  • Provide upgrading courses to fishery cadres (masters/bachelor degrees).
  • Support fishing boats for the foot fishermen along the coast.
  • Establish boat maintenance workshop at the remote coastal areas.